Caffeinated Gold Coast: Paddock Bakery


When I heard rumours about Paddock before it opened and let me tell you I was more than excited. As was most of the Coast. My visit tally is now well into double digits and still every visit it feels like the first, the gardens are always changing, the menu always developing and the coffee always beautiful. There is something special about seeing the baby eggplants growing beneath the archway. Or smelling the fragrance of burning wood coming from the kitchen. Or being served with a smile.


I would like to try everything on the menu. When the majority of items are based around their organic sour dough, that has flavour I didn’t even know was possible for bread to contain, you know everything is going to be delicious. I am yet to have the dippy eggs, the packaging makes me smile so you know I’m going order them soon. Today was a lunchtime visit, Cypriot Sandwiches & Red Dogs were the go – simple food packed full of flavour.


Paddock Bakery
20 Hibiscus Haven, Miami

Paddock Bakery on Urbanspoon


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