A little day trip to Mavis’s Kitchen

Photo by Kitanobo Photography. Locations at Mavis's Kitchen, Mt Warning. Wedding Cake by Goldtoast Supper Club, Gold Coast. Photo by Kitanobo Photography at Mavis's Kitchen Wedding Cake by Goldtoast Supper Club Gold Coast

One year ago today, my friends Shannon and Lizzy got married. I made their wedding cake. The ceremony was on the property at Mavis’s Kitchen with Mt Warning perfectly placed behind their stunning set-up. Weddings don’t interest me and I am not easily impressed so when I say this wedding was stunning you can just take that as truth. The reception was held in the Queenslander that is, Mavis’s Kitchen. Wedding photos by Kitanobo Photography.

When Lizzy suggested a day trip to Mavis’s Kitchen as a birthday present I was super excited to be able to explore a little more.

Goldtoast Coffee Mavis's Kitchen 64 Mt Warning Road Uki

A few weeks ago, completely out of the blue I got the call, “Do you want to go to Mt Warning today?” while trying to wake myself from a deep slumber, I managed to mumble a yes. It was  a beautiful day, the sun was shining yet the sky was was filled with ominous clouds and oh do we love the rain.

Goldtoast Mavis's Kitchen 64 Mt Warning Road, Uki


I’m not sure if it was the weather or the something in the air but we spent the day unable to make any decisions and constantly saying words that had no place in our sentences. We decided finally on scones for lunch. We’re grown ups, we do what we want!

Oh now this was a good decision. The scones were soft, crumbly and warm. I learnt recently that the correct & polite way to eat a scone is to pull it apart with your hands and eat it as it breaks, topping it piece by piece as you eat it. You don’t cut it in half  and put your toppings on in advance. Now these pull apart as a good scone should. The cream is packed full of vanilla and the jam is sweet and full of flavour and most definitely home made. We can see the flower on our plate growing in the vegetable garden outside the window we’re seated beneath. This is a good day.

Goldtoast Scones Mavis's Kitchen 64 Mt Warning Road UkiGoldtoast Scones Mavis's Kitchen Mt Warning Road Uki

Goldtoast Limes Mavis's Kitchen Mount WarningGoldtoast Mavis's Kitchen 64 Mt Warning Road Uki

We explore the vegetable garden and all the fruit trees growing around the property. The most impressive sight is the huge mulberry tree that has grown it’s own hidey-hole perfect for kiddy playtime. One of Mavis’s Kitchen owners tells us it’s over 80 years old, impressive! This sure is a magical place, next time we’ll have to have a picnic.

Mt Warning Mavis's Kitchen photo by Goldtoast Supper ClubPicnic Blankets Mavis's Kitchen Photo by Goldtoast Supper Club


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