Goldtoast Supper Club

Our next event is a rustic Italian dinner

We’re putting on a five course Italian feast with dishes from all over Italy.  including Milan, Capri, The Piacenza Valley & Sicily. You will start the night with a complementary cocktail and meet your fellow dinner guests over a shared antipasto platter. Once seated the meal will continue with a handmade ravioli entree, a Caprese Salata for the salad course and a traditional Milanese main. The night will end with a classic Italian dessert and the all important coffee and tea.

So, how about it? Join us for a fun, delicious and memorable night, Ciao!

We would love to have you there and we really do need your help to spread the word. x

Date: 6pm, Saturday 26th April 2014.
Location: Elanora, after payment you will be emailed the exact location. 
Cost: $50 donation per person, all inclusive.
Can’t eat something?: If you have a food intolerance/allergy or are vegetarian please email us, we always try and make it possible for you to attend!
Booking & Payment: Please email us at to RSVP. Your booking will be finalised after payment is received via PayPal using the button below.



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