Greek is my ultimate favourite food so I can’t believe it has taken me this long to get to Hellenika! My brother Ty and I have very close birthdays so this year we combine for a family dinner and order the banquet. So much food delicious.

First up is the dips. Now let me tell you Greek dips are the best dips. We are served up taramosalata, tzatziki &  feta ke piperies, all the best ones. I’d be happy with just the dips, but of course there is so so much more to be had.

Round two is pretty darn good. The saganaki is deliciously salty sheep cheese, the kalamari served shredded and chargrilled and the pork belly is exactly how you expect, tender.

I somehow missed the fact a whole fish would be appearing at our table. The “daily local fresh fish” is snapper, and the waitress, with a lot of skill, humorously dissects the snapper and removed the skeleton for us.  My sister who is not a fish lover goes back for seconds and attempts for thirds but we all enjoying it as she was.

Now for arni sto fourno, the slow baked junee lamb shoulder and stifado, the 6hr beef cheeks & onion stew. I have honestly never eaten so much meat in one meal; calamari, pork, fish, lamb and beef.

It’s all over!

Oh no it isn’t!

The meal ends with little greek sweets, fresh watermelon, dried figs and coffee.
Now to stumble home and go to sleep, holy moly.

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