Caffeinated Gold Coast: Splendlove, Ferry Road Markets

Jess and I have gone a little homewares crazy of late, more specifically Freedom mad! Starvation hit us so we made our way to Ferry Road Markets. We get ourselves a corner away from the crowds at Splendlove. Once we’re caffeinated we order lunch, before the hangry is takes over. Jess orders the Turkey & Brie Baguette and I chose the Rueben Jaffle. Too much food. The Rueben Jaffle arrives and it’s two whole toasties packed full of the usual suspects with plenty of pickle on the side. I get through only half of it and are told we can’t have a paper bag for the other half of the meal. I don’t understand this policy, I understand them not being about to pack it but not offering another solution angers me when food wastage is such a huge problem. By the time I return to the table, Jess had wrapped it in my napkin and stuck it in my bag. Hilarious. I love my friends.


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