Birthday Dinner at Justin Lane

The first time Mum and I drove past Burleigh after Justin Lane had opened mum announced “who the hell is this Justin Lane guy and why does he think he’s so important he needs to put his name everywhere?!”. Obviously we had to do the annual birthday dinner here together.

Step one, someone give me a gin cocktail.

Step two, study the menu and see if we can order everything. Beetroot & goats cheese salad and the Meat plate; prosicutto,salami, cornichons, relish & grissini. The seafood pizza;  prawn and calamari. So good!

Step Three, dessert is my favourite part and so often a let down.  Mum orders the tiramisu. It arrives like three scoops of ice cream, we’re impressed with the plating. It was drenched in coffee as it should be and drizzled in chocolate. Pannacotta is my ultimate favourite dessert and can never pass it by on a menu. It was so silky smooth and rich with vanilla, served with rhubarb that sometimes gives me the heeby geebys but was perfectly tart and flavoursome. I could have easily gone for seconds.

Justin Lane Pizzeria & Bar on Urbanspoon


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