we love purepops

For months I had been drooling over photos of Pure Pops, the creation of my lovely friend Georgina Larby & Alice Storey (Australian Gourmet Traveller’s Assistant Food Editor) and dreaming of the day I could get my hands on one. When Chloe and I planned a Sydney weekend, Pure Pops were at the top of the list with Zumbo. Early Saturday morning we headed to the Bondi Farmers Markets and ate two each for breakfast. We both started with the Blood Orange Pop and they blew our mind, I have never tasted an icy treat better! We we went for seconds Chloe went with the Yoghurt, Berry, Rhubarb something, marbled with red deliciousness. I went for the Malted Shake. Now I often think I could live on nothing but malt, so delicious and this Pop has thrown a spanner in the works. Now malt just doesn’t taste as good, this little sucker was so packed with malty goodness it’s ruined the world. It was worth it, still just thinking about it tastes good.

Our Hungry Sydney Weekend Day One

So hot tip, if you’re in Sydney get your hands on one! Stockists on their website.



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