Our Hungry Sydney Weekend Day Two

DAY TWO of #ourhungrysydneyweekend


Black Star Pastry for breakfast. I like my croissants with cheese and ham, I’m boring like that. But this croissant blew my mind, ultimately filled with ham, cheese and tomato although the smokey ham and the mozzarella was a delicious touch it was the tomato relish that changed the game. I have been putting relish on my croissants every since! Now cake. Breakfast cake is an important part of all holiday dining. We chose the most breakfast like cakes, Orange Cake with Cream Cheese Icing & the Watermelon Cake. I’ve made this cake a few times using the recipe on Gourmet Traveller and we had to give the original a try!


Lunchtime! We had a lucky crossover with the dates for the Sydney Bienniale and Hanson being in Sydney. Pop up eateries, art scattered all over the place, on an island in Sydney Harbour, I’m sold! After the ferry ride to Cockatoo Island, we had a little stop off for a drink at a spacious industrial pop up bar, milk crates as chairs and palettes as table. We saw a tour group forming nearby and tagged along. 45 minutes later the tour ended and we were on the other side of the island. We stumbled upon Cottage Lawn, the prettiest of the pop up eateries and had a glass of wine and a Pulled Pork Baguette.



Bloodwood was the spot for dinner. Close to the hotel, close to the venue were Hanson were playing this evening. Crispy skinned chicken with Chinese Sausage.  Venison with Wasabi leaves. White chocolate parfait with berries, trifle, deconstructed lemon cheese cake.

Check out all our photos on instagram using the hashtag #ourhungrysydneyweekend


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