Our Hungry Sydney Weekend Day One

We (Chloe & Bree) just enjoyed the most wonderful food filled weekend in Sydney with only one low point – that being Ms. G’s being closed at every moment we were available! Chloe lives in the Hunter Valley and I live on the Gold Coast and you see we both wanted to see Hanson live on their Australian tour. Come on now, we’re proud children of the 90’s! Here are some of our pictures and tales.


 I arrived a day earlier than Chloe. I had lunch at the MCA Cafe. Smoked Salmon, Goats Cheese and Olive sandwich. Three things i am only new to liking not sure why i chose this, I was nervous but it was good. You can’t go wrong with Sour Dough. I spent the rest of my day eating Wasabi Cheese, I stumbled upon it and I feel in love.

DAY ONE of #ourhungrysydneyweekend

 The start of a foodie weekend I had to trust an old favourite that a local friend trusts. We stayed in Newtown and the only place I knew was Corelli’s. Delicious Breakfast! I like to have the best of both worlds so I convinced Chloe that ordering two different things and splitting each was the best bet. Otherwise, being totally honest, we would have both had eggs benny every morning!
 Pure Pops!!!! The best way to start the day!! Ever. We made our way to the Bondi farmers Markets because I knew that the lovely Georgie, a childhood friend and co-creator of the amazing and delicious Pure Pops! We had two each. at 10am. We both had Blood Orange with Passionfruit Sherbet. Then Chloe had Strawberry, Rhubarb Yoghurt and I had a Malt-Shake, and I have honestly be crazing malt every since!
 We had lunch with ZUMBO. Yes I said lunch. We had a few things, but were saving our money for take home macarons. The Hazelnut Dacquois was outstanding!
 We have a friend with the nickname Snail so obviously when we spotted Little Snail we had to visit for cocktail hour! Chloe ordered the beautifully named Little Snailicious and I had to get my gin fix with a French 75.
Both Chloe and I can not say no to Greek Food. We happened to snap up a scoopon for a Greek Feast. We had Nuts and Olives to start with. Taramosalata with Bread and Calamari. and Lastly we had slow cooked lamb & potatoes. I’m not much of a lamb eater but this was delicious, we finished our plates even though we didn’t have the room!
Check out all our photos on instagram using the hashtag #ourhungrysydneyweekend


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