I love Donna Hay Magazine!

I recently found a massive stack of Donna Hay magazines on an op shop adventure. JACKPOT! I didn’t know which ones i already had at home so i just bought them all! haha! There ended up being quite a few i already had so I’m selling them off cheap! I thought I would share some of my favourite Donna Hay memories & current food obsessions as well as the ebay links! happy reading (& tummy grumbling) x

AUTUMN, settle in.
Apr/May 2008, Issue 38.
I can not get enough beetroot lately, what a wonderful vegetable! ‘Roasted Vegetable and Beetroot Salad’, ‘Beetroot Relish’, ‘Beetroot and Sweet Potato Fritters with Sumac Salt’ are just a few of the delicious recipes in ‘Beautiful Beets’ (page 104 to114). (SOLD)

AUTUMN, sweet & easy.
Apr/May 2007, Issue 32.

I adore the shoot for ‘secret garden’ set amongst the apple trees, if you have “Donna Hay – Seasons” you’ll know it from the cover. Makes me want to eat apples by the truckload. And make Toffee Apples (page 89) with the apple leaves still attached! (BUY IT?)

AUTUMN, simple classics.

Apr/May, 2009, Issue 44. 
This weather is so gloriously cold all i want to do is poach pears, eat roast chicken and drink ridiculously rich hit chocolate! I’m talking Max Brenner eat your heart out ‘Double Hot Chocolate’ heaven (page 90). This issue has the greatest spread of chicken recipes (page 108 to 119) and I’m talking ‘Slow-baked Tomato and Olive Chicken’, Classic Roast Chicken’, ‘Grandma’s Chicken and Barley Soup’, ridiculous. I’m so hungry now! (SOLD)

ENTERTAINING, food to share.
Aug/Sep, 2008, Issue 40.
I’ve wanted to make a Bombe Alaska ever since there was one in a Masterchef Challenge last year. I went out and bought the tin and a chefs blow torch and a year later i still have not attempted it. What a loser! There’s a mini ‘Honeycomb Bombe Alaska’ (page 148) that sounds divine, I’ll make it as soon as i make the one from Masterchef haha! (BUY IT?)

ENTERTAINING, casual chic.
Aug/Sep, 2007, Issue 34.

If you have never baked a camembert before then get right to that. Shove some whole garlic gloves and rosemary sprigs into little cuts on the top and bake it until it oozes. You can thank me for that later. Then try ‘Olive Tapenade and Baked Goats Cheese’ from this issue (page 95), yum! (BUY IT?)

WINTER, take it slow.

Jun/Jul, 2008, Issue 39.
Lately i spend most of my spare time poaching pears. This cold weather has turned my live into a true obsession. Amongst plenty of other flavour combos the ‘Pear and Espresso Panna Cotta’ from “The Perfect Pear” (page 96-106) was outstanding! I’ve just decided to add ‘pear wafers’ to my winter pear obsession to do list. Paired with ice cream yum. Or blue cheese! Even better!! (SOLD)

SUMMER, chilled out.
Feb/Mar 2011, Issue 55.

I love the article in this issue about the party Donna threw for Oprah! I’ve been waiting for an occasion to make the ‘lemon chicken sandwiches’ with herbs on the outside! (Pages 23-30). (BUY IT?)

CELEBRATE, christmas cheer.

Dec/Jan 2010, Issue 48.
I’m totally obsessed with jelly at the moment, it’s such a wonderful thing. Jelly made using real fruit is unbeatable, you wouldn’t believe the flavour of strawberry jelly because we’re all used to the processed packet stuff. I have to admit i do love the easy packet jelly crystals too! But there’s no comparison real fruit wins every time! ‘Vanilla and Vodka jellies with Chantilly Cream’ (page 123) are on my weekend to do list! (SOLD!)

CELEBRATE, your complete christmas guide.
Dec/Jan 2009, Issue 42.

I love giving homemade edible gifts fir Christmas. ‘Heaven & Earth’ (page 202-216) has an amazing range of black and white sweet recipes. ‘Heavenly Chocolate Cake’ drizzled with ganache vs ‘White Angel Cake’ slathered in cream, impossible to choose! (SOLD!)

SUMMER, relax & unwind.

Feb/Mar 2009, Issue 43.
The ‘Fig and Goats Cheese Tart’ (page 94) is one of my favourite recipes for a special lunch or picnic. I use danish feta instead of goats cheese though because i love the saltiness. (BUY IT?)

SUMMER, take it easy.
Feb/Mar 2008, Issue 37.

Man I love the skewer recipes in this issue (page 120 – 130). The ‘garlic and beef skewers’ served with aioli, rocket and mountain bread are always a winner. I’m dying to make the cover recipe ‘chicken, haloumi and preserved lemon skewers’. Oh haloumi, i love you. (BUY IT?)

ENTERTAINING, 90+ easy recipes. 
May/Jun 2006, Issue 27.
The’entertaining’ issues of Donna Hay magazine are so helpful for entertaining tips. This issue has a great article on tablesettings and tips on hosting a dinner party. Now importantly as the cover suggests there are plenty of delish cupcake recipes (page 125-136). (SOLD!)


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