Winter & Pears, a perfect pair!

The cold weather lately has born a personal obsession with poached pears.

I’m new to the joy of silky smooth, cut with a spoon, cooked pear. A strong dislike of cooked apple and many bad experiences with gritty pear kept me away from these beauties. I even had a pear failure with a Nigella recipe, like that ever happens! After watching her describe her love of canned pear, I gave her ‘Chocolate Pear Pudding’ a go and ick ick ick! My opinion changed a few years back after dinner and dessert at Omeros Brothers Restaurant. I couldn’t even tell you what I ordered, something chocolate with poached pear, the pear was the memorable part. You gotta love when a dish has the power to completely change your opinion towards an ingredient!

Since then I’ve unfortunately only had one other pear experience. I cooked dessert for a group of ladies; one of the lovelies is suffering with ME/CFS (Myalgic Encephalomyslitis /Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) and is on a very restricted diet. I took this as a challenge. My pantry included peeled pears, sugar, eggs and lactose free cows milk. The outcome was poached pear pavlovas (with sneaky choc ganache for the other girls). (Pictures below)

A favourite book of mine ‘Sunday’s Kitchen: Food & Living at Heide’ contains a very simple yet delightfully intriguing recipe called ‘pears with white of egg’ (expect a love filled post about Sunday & Heide in the future) that I have been eager to make for a while now. So it’s decided, I’m making these and a few other delicious pear dishes this week! Oh yeah, my house is going to be poached pear heaven!

P.S. anyone free for tea and poached pears? haha


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