Can you eat Pumpkin Flowers?

I have been looking for Zucchini flowers on the Gold Coast with no luck. Ange called it how it is, “you know they’re like hen’s teeth on the Goldie”. All of a sudden I thought to myself “pumpkins and zucchinis are similar!”. Instantly, I announced myself a genius and asked the all-mighty google the important question; “Can you eat Pumpkin Flowers?”. Up popped a wonderful blog post (here is the link) by RosieG from Gold Coast Garden Diary, another Gold Coast local, with all the answers I needed  and even a delicious sounding recipe to go along with it. 
The reason this is all so exciting is that our next event is a floral brunch, where everything both sweet and savoury will have flowers in it. In the past months, I planted (and killed) a flowering dill and lavender plant, and managed to keep alive some nasturtiums that have just began to show of their glorious and delicious flowers. I also threw a rotting pumpkin into my garden and now i have a happy pumpkin vine growing. Although someone keeps eating the flowers as soon as they open (haven’t worked out the creature yet). Now with this this news, I can pick them myself and WE can eat them! 
Picture by RosieG from the blog Gold Coast Garden Diary.


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