Birthday Dinner at Taboon

It was my birthday last week so I went out for dinner with my Dad and Sister. We always try somewhere that’s on my radar but I haven’t been before. Last year we went to Babaloo, I am always hoping for Hellenika but my sister likes to pretend she hates Greek food even though it’s my birthday and my favourite. A favourite of dads is Taboon and I have only heard good thing.

We ordered so much food including the Falafel Plate & Bedouin Salad to start with. We continued the feasting with the Spiced Lamb Pizza, I am not too fond of eating lamb but I would most definitely order that again. And of course some Shooftas.

There has been nothing but positivity from this meal so you’ve got to understand the extent of this following statement, the desserts were the best part. I can not tell you the extent of this satisfaction. The friendly waitress suggested the Warm Chocolate & Halva Fudge Cake, like we’re going to say no to that. It’s dense and rich with chocolate, not overly sweet and completely addictive. We also got Silan and a scoop of rosewater ice cream. Silan is a date and honey sauce drizzled over glorious homemade vanilla ice cream and topped with pistachio halva. What a meal!

Taboon on Urbanspoon


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